The knee


I’ve been spending the entire morning getting ready for tonight hehe.. Packing, showering, moisturizing, plucking eyebrows, staring at myself in the mirror in 4897594 different angles and so on.

I also read about the knee. The knee.. The knee is not just a knee. It is 15 (that I’ve found so far) muscles controlling it, 500 bones, 3500 or so tendons and a billion nerves, blood vessels, little pieces of cartilage, fat, bursa, capsules, liquid, layers. And it is all in Latin. I do not speak Latin. Latin is bizarre. In Latin, all words are almost the same and super long so that no human brain can possible remember. As if that is not enough, all these billion muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments are attached to something. Not just a bone – but a tiny little spot on a bone, which has a super long complicated name that cannot even be pronounced. And if that is not enough, all these stupid little parts that make up the knee cover and cross each other so that no picture can show you what the knee actually looks like. 

When you finally think you know it all – You don’t. There is so much more. What we as medstudents know is just a pathetic little fraction of the great mystery of the body.

I. am. so. fucked.


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