This is a weird post to blog about in English. I spent the day at a vårdcentral. Anyways I’ve basically tagged along with a nurse and a doctor all day and observed their work and the patients. I also got to do an ECG, blood pressure and blood sample on my fellow medstudent Ahmed! Last night […]


I felt sad today. So we went out for sushi. Sushi makes me happy. Andris ate a lump of wasabi because he thinks it makes him cool. We started reading about the hip today. It is so interesting I feel like doing somersaults out of pure ecstasy. 

My day was crap


Friday afternoon Alexander called me from Moscow. It was the first time I had heard his voice in two months. I was so weird – I had forgotten what it sounds like. Later that night I met him at the airport with his parents. I sat and waited for 20 nervous minutes before he finally […]

Hey, Örebro

Took the midnight train back to Örebro last night. It’s been a long, gray, horribly rainy day with 6 hours of lectures today. I slept through two of them. Then I got home and slept for an hour and a half. So exhausted – I don’t think I’ve been able to relax for a second […]


As soon as I finish this blog post I’m rolling my humungous suitcase to the bus and heading to central Stockholm. I need to buy some sexy things for tonight and I’m finally going to get to see my Peter for supper! Peter is one the most awesome people in the world. Not counting current boyfriends, […]

The knee

I’ve been spending the entire morning getting ready for tonight hehe.. Packing, showering, moisturizing, plucking eyebrows, staring at myself in the mirror in 4897594 different angles and so on. I also read about the knee. The knee.. The knee is not just a knee. It is 15 (that I’ve found so far) muscles controlling it, 500 […]

24 hrs in Stockholm

I just arrived home in Stockholm. I’m only going to have time to be here for 24 hours, but I needed to get clothes, study and pick up some stuff for Västerås… and to be honest I’m too scared to be alone in the apartment in Örebro without Andris haha. I seriously never ever want to […]

I like teacup pigs and pumpkins

One day

Only one day left!! Tomorrow evening Alexander will finally be returning home from Cuba. I’ll be spending the weekend with him in his parents house in Västerås, can’t wait!! 

Why hello

Försöker få nya bloggen att se mindre horribel ut. This is my face. Tell me what you think of it in the comment section below.

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